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Prototypes that Sell: A Workshop

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 This is a presell product.

Join me for a LIVE workshop on Monday, May 20th at 12 PM ET, with a repeat session at 7 PM ET (same content, also live, different time)

In this 30-minute session, learn how to build and utilize digital prototypes to quickly and effectively communicate what's included in your new digital course or coaching program.

The focus isn't just on aesthetics; it's about creating visuals that capture your audience's attention and transform their curiosity into commitment.

The goal: more sales!

During the workshop I'll demonstrate how to use the included Canva pro templates to:

  • Visualize your new program as a clear, attractive diagram that showcases its structure, uniqueness and value.
  • Use a digital prototype as a marketing tool, and reuse it as an onboarding tool.

The workshop includes a Q&A session where you can get your questions answered, and you'll receive a recording of the session to review at your convenience.

Perfect for anyone preparing to pre-sell a brand new program. 

Prototypes that Sell: A Workshop

12-18 MAY

International Coaching Week

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