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Gamify Your Course: A Make-it-Pretty-Quick Workshop

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By applying some very simple gaming strategies to your course, you can make learning so much more engaging. Even just a few simple "game elements" can be enormously effective in encouraging motivation, momentum, recognizing achievements, and boosting student satisfaction. Surprise and delight!

We'll cover how to use badges, quizzes, facebook groups, challenges, leader boards, and awards to inject more creativity, collaboration, and JOY into your course experience. ❤️

This training is platform-agnostic: this is not about the technology per-se. It focuses on the learner experience design strategy to engage different learners and gamer "types" (what is referred to in the research literature as the explorer, the socializer, the killer, and the achiever types). 

And it includes lots of examples!

Here's what's inside:

⦿ Your quick-as-a-bunny training video, walking you through the what, why, and how of adding a simple game layer to your course to boost engagement, emotional connection, and retention (< 30 minutes)

⦿ 20 Canva pro course certificate templates to mark achievements and milestones 

⦿ 12 Canva pro course badges templates to motivate and reward forward momentum 

Immediate Access: Purchase and get started immediately with the workshop and your new templates. The workshop is hosted on my course platform, Thinkific. Once you check out, you'll automatically receive an email from Thinkific with your login details - allow a 15 minute window for it to arrive please. 

Gamify Your Course: A Make-it-Pretty-Quick Workshop
Gamify Your Course: A Make-it-Pretty-Quick Workshop
Gamify Your Course: A Make-it-Pretty-Quick Workshop
Gamify Your Course: A Make-it-Pretty-Quick Workshop

Stunning templates so you can confidently sell and teach your course knowing everything looks totally professional.


If you're looking for professionally designed templates, look no further. Sidneyeve's designs are not only beautiful, they're easy to use and keep your clients engaged.


I felt so confident teaching my class because I knew at the end the students were going to get their socks knocked off by the beauty of my accompanying guide!

Deb S.

These templates inspired me to get unstuck and take action to create a beautiful piece of content that people want to download.

Laurel C.

These templates have been a complete game changer for our business. The designs are creative, thoughtful and effective.

Brandie P.

Using Sidneyeve's templates I get content our in minutes not hours. Save yourself time and energy.

Sandy P.