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Special Days & Holidays For Course Creators

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A 3-page monthly roundup of occasions and special days, official and unofficial, national and international, to inspire your course materials & marketing. 

Themes: learning, personal development, joy, wellness & creativity.

This is part of my collection of research-driven tools you can use to build an exceptional course experience, quickly.

Format: PDF
Special Days & Holidays For Course Creators
Special Days & Holidays For Course Creators

Stunning templates so you can confidently sell and teach your course knowing everything looks totally professional.


If you're looking for professionally designed templates, look no further. Sidneyeve's designs are not only beautiful, they're easy to use and keep your clients engaged.


I felt so confident teaching my class because I knew at the end the students were going to get their socks knocked off by the beauty of my accompanying guide!

Deb S.

These templates inspired me to get unstuck and take action to create a beautiful piece of content that people want to download.

Laurel C.

These templates have been a complete game changer for our business. The designs are creative, thoughtful and effective.

Brandie P.

Using Sidneyeve's templates I get content our in minutes not hours. Save yourself time and energy.

Sandy P.