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XOXO Templates by Valentine Course Design

Sweet Webinar Slides

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Are you looking for an easy and effective way to promote your online courses, webinars, or masterclasses? If so, this gorgeous 50-slide Canva Pro template is for you!

What's Inside:

  • 50 Canva Pro webinar slide layouts
  • All images and fonts included for Canva Pro users
  • Bonus webinar research report (PDF) with ideas you can use to improve your own presentation and boost engagement, satisfaction, and (hopefully) sales!

The template features webinar-specific layouts and content that you can use to build an engaging and persuasive presentation. It's perfect for creating professional documents that will help you sell your product, service, or event.

These slides will provide a foundation for you to build on, so you don't feel overwhelmed designing your own presentations. They will help you communicate your business story, share testimonials, introduce yourself, share show-up-live and early-bird bonuses, and explain the features and benefits of your offer.

Plus, it's easy to adjust the colors across the pages and rearrange elements and slides. You'll love the versatility and interchangeability of these layouts. And because you can use these Canva Pro templates over and over again, it's a great investment. This template will save you so much time and stress!


    "Why I Didn't Buy" (Research Report PDF)

    We know that webinars are a great way to reach more people and sell your online course, but sometimes they don’t work as well as we want them to. Course creators who use webinars to sell their courses see an average conversion rate of 2-3%. This means that for every 100 people who attend a webinar, 2-3 of them will buy the course.

    If you want to improve your webinar conversions, you need to read this 4-page report based on original data gathered from online research with 50 course creators. The report presents the top 10 reasons why people who attended webinars ultimately decided NOT to buy the offer presented.

    And it doesn’t stop there! I have also included over 40 actionable ideas to improve your webinar conversions, so you can start seeing better results right away. If you're struggling with webinar conversions, this research report is a must-read. You'll learn what's holding you back and how to fix it so that you can start selling more courses via webinars. This is a free gift with your webinar slide templates purchase ♡

    More Info

    Please Note: All images (as illustrated) are included for Canva Pro users. This is a digital product, nothing physical will ship. A Canva Pro (paid) membership is required to use this template.

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    Your purchase is non-refundable. Due to the digital nature of these instantly-downloadable products, all sales are final. No refunds will be issued. All digital content will be released at once.

    But please DO ask your questions before purchase by emailing me Let's make sure the items are a good fit for you! - Sidneyeve