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XOXO Templates by Valentine Course Design

Stay Curious Social Squares

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Curiosity is a powerful. You can use it to make an emotional connection with customers.

Marketers call it the leveraging the "curiosity gap" -- a psychological strategy to pique people's interest. It relies on our human motivation to explore and figure things out.

Designing your messaging for curiosity means connecting with people who want to know or learn something about your product. I created this design to help you to do just that!

What's Inside:

A set of eight curiosity-themed Canva pro templates, designed as social squares ready for IG/Facebook posts. Instead of dummy text, I added some "curiosity" copy to inspire you!

Pretty in yellow (the color of curiosity) and pink but easy to customize to your colors.

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Please Note: All images (as illustrated) are included for Canva Pro users. This is a digital product, nothing physical will ship. A Canva Pro (paid) membership is required to use this template.

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Your purchase is non-refundable. Due to the digital nature of these instantly-downloadable products, all sales are final. No refunds will be issued. All digital content will be released at once.

But please DO ask your questions before purchase by emailing me Let's make sure the items are a good fit for you! - Sidneyeve