by Sidneyeve

Enhance Your Course With Research

Recently I worked with a client who lost her course launch mojo. She'd started out feeling so passionate about helping others get a transformation she'd experienced first-hand!

But she felt increasingly STUCK and anxious because (she said) the course was 100% based on her personal experience.

I mean, that was her motivation to build it in the first place! But as she got closer to launch day she was feeling ALL the feels.

"Do I have enough credibility to make SALES? Will they trust me? Can I get other people the same REAL results I got? How can I compete with professionals who have degrees and whole BOOKS on my subject?"

I suggested she add a layer of research to each lesson and to her sales page. And I showed her how to do it, step-by-step, quick like a bunny! 🐰

Instant authority.
Extra interestingness.
Took the pressure off my client.
Re-ignited her passion for the topic too!
Fresh ideas will do that 😉

It worked so well, I created a mini course about it!

Are YOU struggling with a bit of imposter syndrome as a course creator?
Feel like you're running out of things to say in your course?
Nervous to do live Q&A sessions in case you don't have all the answers for your students?

I can help!

As a university researcher and prof I am an expert in going down research rabbit holes! Good thing I ALSO know how to take research SHORTCUTS and how to VISUALIZE research so it's accessible and even (dare I say) gorgeous, to enhance my courses.

Want to learn how to add a research layer to YOUR course to improve sales, student success, and your own confidence?

Trust me I KNOW that adding a research layer will have a huge impact on the success of your course and I have ten tonnes of research here to back up my claims, but I promise to share only the BEST stuff so that you can:

  • Add an extra layer of credibility & trust to distinguish your course sales page and curriculum from competitors
  • Increase student engagement/retention with case studies, real-world examples, and data-driven activities
  • Create stunning research visualizations using my Canva templates and your brand colors
  • Here are four reasons why you should consider purchasing my mini-course (more like a workshop really):

    1. Firstly, by adding an extra layer of credibility and trust to your course, you can feel confident in setting yourself apart from the competition. With this training, you'll have access to the latest and most effective strategies to help you establish trust with your audience and build a positive reputation.

    2. Secondly, student engagement and retention are key to the success of any online course. With this training, you'll learn how to provide an enriched, active, and evidence-based learning experience that will keep your students engaged and motivated. By using these strategies, you'll be able to create a learning product that fosters retention and promotes continued learning.

    3. Thirdly,
    creating new course material can be time-consuming, but with this training, you'll have access to up-to-date content and vetted sources that will help you save time and effort. You can be confident that the material you're providing is reliable and relevant, so you can focus on delivering the best possible learning experience to your students.

    4. Lastly, let's face it, aesthetics matter! You want your course to look amazing and visually appealing. That's why I'm including Canva templates to make your course materials look professional and visually appealing without all the hassle.

    All this for just $9! 💕

Enhance Your Course with Research Workshop
Enhance Your Course with Research Workshop
Enhance Your Course with Research Workshop
Enhance Your Course with Research Workshop

Enhance Your Course with Research Workshop


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What's Inside:

Research Report is a comprehensive Canva Pro template that allows you to quickly and easily share research with your audience.

It includes 7 pages of layouts featuring industry trends, case studies and a deeper dive into your area of expertise.

All images are included, but you can easily customize the templates with your own colors and copy.

Create a professional-looking report in no time!